The Easiest Way To Run An Online Business

Forget about using 10 different apps to run your online business: Site Engine is an all-in-one solution that will take care of content management, email marketing, selling products, and much more.

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No credit card required, 100% risk free.


"I used SiteEngine to start selling courses online. I was surprised that it was so simple to use even for a beginner like me. Using the built-in online course website template, I was able to have my website up & running and get my first paid students in no time."

Tobias Hamilton

"I have an eCommerce store that was growing but I was overwhelmed by all the tools I had to use to keep it going. Switching to SiteEngine allowed us to get rid of all the other tools, save us a lot of time & money, and also boosted our sales."

Evan Mitchell

I used to pay for a lot of tools to run my online business, and spent hours setting up integrations. Now I have everything under one roof as SiteEngine just does everything. I especially love the graphical funnel editor that makes it so easy to build sales funnels.

Richard Morin

What can you do with SiteEngine?

SiteEngine was designed to give you everything you need to build & grow your online business, for example to sell online courses or run an eCommerce store. It would take several pages to list all the features of SiteEngine, so here are some of our favourites :)

Easily build sales funnels

Build entire funnels in a few clicks using our graphical funnel editor. And even manage your paid traffic right from SiteEngine!

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Sell online courses

Easily create complete online courses in a couple of clicks. And accept payments from your students without having to use another software.

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Create an eCommerce store

Sell physical products to your customers & create your eCommerce store in a few clicks using our built-in templates.

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Build beautiful content

Quickly design beautiful pages using our graphical content editor. Or use a template from our library to create content in a few clicks.

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Stay in touch with your audience

Create automated email flows. Send broadcasts. Answer support tickets. Create Facebook messenger bots. All within the same software.

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Manage your entire online business

Manage projects. Assign tasks to your team. Build content calendars. Create processes in a few clicks.

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Get detailed insights

Watch real-time analytics about your online business. Or dive into details of a given page, email, customer, and much more. The choice is yours.

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So... why should someone use SiteEngine?

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All under one roof = you can focus on what actually matters

Running an online business usually requires many software tools. Not only you need to switch between them to run your business, but also you need to make them talk to each other, which is usually called an integration. And as you might know, doing all of that takes time. A lot of time and usually frustration. And if you are running several different businesses, it just multiplies the time lost on setting up tools.

Well, SiteEngine solves all of that for you. As it is an all-in-one solution, all the component of SiteEngine 'talks' to each other all the time, without you having to setup anything. You can run your entire business within the same application, without having to switch between tools. And if you are running multiples businesses, you can simply switch between them with a single click. No more time lost setting up tools, which means you can focus on what is the most important: grow your online business and serve your clients.

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Less stress ... and less bills!

Having everything under one roof also diminishes the stress of having something breaks in your online business. When using several tools, you can for example have some customer purchase one of your online course ... only for this person not being able to access what he purchased because the first tool didn't send the right data to the second one. Sounds familiar? Well, that can't happen with SiteEngine, as everything is happening within the same software. And in case you have any issues, you only have one support team to talk to, not two or more.

It also means less monthly bills. Indeed, using different tools can quickly build a large monthly, which is a problem especially if you are just starting out. And that's not all: with some other tools you sometimes need to hire coders to build a specific integration, or designers to build pages for you. With SiteEngine, that's all included: not only you just pay for one tool, but you also don't need to hire any programmers as it all happens automatically under the hood. No need for designers either, as we designed some beautiful and high-converting templates for you.

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Everything you need to grow your business

SiteEngine is also not only a software: our mission is to help you run & grow your online business(es). That's why you will find right inside the app many professionally designed templates to help you setup or grow your business in just a few clicks. And that's not only just pages or emails templates: you will find whole websites templates, so you can for example create an eCommerce store or an online courses site in a few clicks. All of the templates we propose are not just created for the occasion: it's all templates that we tested and refined over and over in our own online businesses.

We also spend a lot of time creating educational blog posts & videos, that you can use for free to learn how to do specific things with SiteEngine, but also on how to grow your business in general. Our support team is also here to help you directly with that, even if it is not directly related to the software. Our mission is really to see you succeed with your online activities, and we do everything we can to help with that.

Got some questions?

What platforms/services does SiteEngine replaces?

SiteEngine was built to replace all the tools you would usually have to use (and pay for) when running an online business. Here are the main tools that it replaces:

  • Funnel builder (like ClickFunnels)
  • Shopping cart (like SamCart)
  • Online course platform (like Teachable)
  • eCommerce platform (like Shopify)
  • Email marketing software (like Drip)
  • Content builder (like Leadpages)
  • Help desk (like ZenDesk)
  • Live chat software (like Drift)
  • Facebook Messenger bot software (like ManyChat)
  • Project management software (like Asana)
  • Analytics platform (like Baremetrics)

That's all software you won't have to pay for and to build integrations for when you are using SiteEngine.

Is SiteEngine PCI & GDPR compliant?

SiteEngine is 100% PCI & GDPR compliant. We follow all the requirements set by the PCI Security Standards Council, and your customers' data will always be safe with SiteEngine. We are also fully compliant with GDPR - meaning that for example your European customers will alway see the right cookie consent forms & opt-in boxes when they visit your site.

Do I need to pay for hosting as well?

You don't :) SiteEngine includes everything, and all the content you design with SiteEngine is hosted on our servers so you don't have to pay for anything else.

Can I cancel or change plans at any time?

Absolutely! You can cancel your trial or any of our paid plans at any time. You can also change your plan whenever you wish, for example if your business is growing.

How secure is SiteEngine?

SiteEngine was built with data security in mind - both for your own data, and your customers' data as well. All your own data is stored on a secure database protected by multiple firewalls, and only accessible from our own server. Your customers also always access pages that are protected by TLS - meaning that all the information they enter on your site is protected, including when they pay via credit card.  

Why is it so cheap?

Many software in the same field are funded by venture capital or private equity, meaning they have to produce a given return for investors as the development of the app was made on those funds. On the other hand, SiteEngine was completely bootstrapped and was built step-by-step on actual online businesses. This means that we can offer a much cheaper pricing, to fulfil our #1 mission:  allow as many entrepreneurs as possible to easily launch & run their online businesses. 

Do I need coding skills?

Not at all :) SiteEngine was designed to be completely code-free for the user, so you will be able to use every aspect of the software without having to touch a line of code.

Can I use my own domain(s)?

Of course! We provide a full step-by-step guide so you can use any domain that you own and link it with a website you created on your SiteEngine account.

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No credit card required, 100% risk free.