Creating an online course is the best thing you can do for your online business, whether you are just getting started or if you already have a thriving online business with a large audience. In this article, I want to give you the five major reasons why you should create your own online course & sell it on your website.

It's a great way to make your students get the results they want

The most important (and that should always be the number one priority of your business) is that online courses are a great way to help your students get the results that they want. You are in business to help & serve your customers - and an online course is an awesome way to do so.

Compared to eBooks, for example, you can teach so much more & more efficiently using online courses. I for example personally run a niche website where we teach people how to build electronics projects. Using eBooks, I was only able to show them in pictures what they have to do. Using online courses, however, I can really show them live how to build projects, with step-by-step videos, which is an awesome experience for them as they learn much faster and make fewer mistakes.

Online courses are also self-paced, meaning the students can learn and get results as they see fit, especially as many people have busier and busier agendas. This makes an online course a much better solution for many people than a coaching program or a live course for example, as they can follow the lessons whenever they want.

It's a great way to generate passive income

Having an online course that you can sell to your visitors is also a great way to generate passive income. First, compared to other types of digital products, like eBooks, online courses have higher perceived value. And that makes senses, as it actually allows your students to reach their goals faster.

For you as a business owner, it means you can also charge more. Online courses usually sell in the $100 - $1000 range, whereas it's rare these days to see an eBook that sells for more than $50. This also means that you have enough margin to build sales funnels around your courses, especially using paid traffic, that will allow you to scale your business rapidly. You wouldn't be able to deploy that much efforts to sell an eBook for example.

You can also be very creative with the pricing of your courses, and propose many options with bonuses, therefore giving more choices to your customers and creating more value.

Also, most people are already taking online courses, so that's something they are now used to and that they will consider buying easier than other digital products.

Finally, having multiple online courses can easily allow you to transition to a membership model, where people pay a monthly subscription in exchange of access to all or some of your online courses.

It creates a reusable asset

The other nice thing with an online course is that you just need to do it once, and then it becomes an asset that you can re-use over time, with no additional cost on your side. However, all courses need to be updated from time to time, but that's nothing compared to running a live class for example where you have to re-do the same thing over and over again. Therefore, building an online course is really building a solid asset for your business, that will generate passive income for long periods of time.

You can also use this asset in quite creative ways in other parts of your business, for example for marketing your course. One technique is called splintering, which consists in taking a piece of your course to give away for free as marketing material. That's great for everyone, as people will get a taste of your course for free, and you don't need to invent a new piece of content for your marketing efforts.

It builds your reputation as an authority

Having an online course is definitely a great way to be seen as an authority online - it is better these days than having written a book for example. A lot of online entrepreneurs really saw their reputation and online presence grow after they launched their first online course. 

With an online course, people will also remember you better as it's more personal than an eBook. Indeed, they will see you show them what they want to learn, and constantly hear your voice, which creates a much better connection between you and your audience. That's also a great way to build your online authority.

You can help a massive amount of people at once

As there are basically no limits on how much students you can enroll in your online courses, you can teach your course to a massive amount of students at the same time. Therefore, it's definitely better than coaching for example, where you can only teach 1-on-1 or with a small group of people.

As I mentioned before, online courses are usually sold at higher prices than other types of digital products, like eBooks. Therefore, it also means that the sales of your online course can be amplified with paid advertising, for example on Facebook. This will allow you to reach even more students that will enroll in your course, and build a thriving online business.

I hope that all those points really motivated you to start creating your own online course! I really recommend you do so, and I can assure you that it completely transformed my own online business when I released my first course. All the best to create your first online course!